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Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's almost here I can't believe it!

I've got so many things planned for the new year.
(Well not exactly to-the-date planned, but they are my hopes)
I would like to make another mission trip to Honduras, most likely in April.
I may go with a group of doctors I have gone with before. I heard they are planning a trip in April.
All I know as far as details go is that it is a week in the begininng of April the costs will be $1600.

I would also like to go on a mission trip in the summer with Brio girls. They are a Christian magazine I have been receiving. They go on mission trips every year and this- well next year- they are going to Guatemala. i would love to go tell people about Jesus in Guatemala and also have the opportunity to meet other Christian girls who have the same passion. I don't know what month or how much or basically any of the details, but it is a hope.

The third thing I have planned for next year, and something I am really excited about is a Summit Conference. So far of what I've learned it sounds really awesome. I know more about this one than all of them.
It's a two week conference. It's called a Student Leadership Conference.
You go to learn how to stand up for your faith. You also learn about Islam and Humanism
. Some of the topics are Christian worlview studies, America's Christian history, Creation, Evolution, and Inteligent design.
There are three different locations you can attend the conferences, either: Tennessee, Ohio, or Colorado.
I'm leaning towards Colorado, because I like it and I have family there. It would be cool if I could see them next year too since we didn't get to see them this year. It could also work out for my mom and I to drive to Colorado and I go to the conference and my mom stay with family and then afterwards stay a little and drive back together.
The Summit Conference would cost $775. That includes a room to stay, food, tuition, lectures, guest speakers, insurance, most outings, and class picture.
I think this is the cheapest thing on the list and I think it could be deffinite. I would loveto go. I would especially like to here Ravi Zacharias ,(I probabaly just buchered his last name ), speak. He is an awesome apolagist. Our family listens to him pretty often.

Awww I'm getting so excited I'm forgetting that I need to sleep!
Well, got to go.
Be back soon.
Dios le bendiga,