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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's cold! The past few days are the first days I have ever worn a jacket, (just about), while hear in Honduras. I don't know what I'm going to do when I go back to Iowa. It's going to be freezing. If I think This is cold?!

Today was a good day. I got some things done that needed to be. I missed Angelica's English lesson : (. Bad me. I'm supposed to meet her at 2:00, but I didn't realize what time it was already and was trying to finish computer work for Sandy. I found her at 2:30, but she had to go to practice. I got to meet Merari's two little girls today. They are adorable. The younger one is 2 and the older is 8. I got to play with them today.
Alexandra, the older one, had fun "draging" me around today.

By the way here is a picture of Angelica. I have been teaching her English every Saturday.
She's holding your present Janet. (I gave it to her a long time ago. She really liked it and wore the hair clip the next day.)

Friday: Yesterday Sandy and Joann invited some people over for dinner. A very good friend of theirs named Joshe and his wife and children and Sister and mom and everybody. I have been getting to know Joshe and his family, but hadn't yet met the rest of his family. It was a really good time. I felt like I was home at one of my family gatherings. (Especially with all the kids running around : )

This is everyone that came Friday night. They are all very sweet people.
Don Hector is on the very right and then Mama Yolanda and Joshe, Julio behind him-his son, Rachel sitting-his daughter, Kayla his wife, Hector-son of Carolina, Maria behind Hector-her daughter, Carolina, and her husband (I don't know his name)

By the way, Azucena and Delmer are doing well. They are being fed and taken care of. I only wonder what it will be like when they return to the mountain. When I last saw Baby (I just call her that since she doesn't have a name) she was all content and sleeping. I just heard today that not only is their house burnt down, but everyone elses' houses were burnt down as well. Part of the village is nothing now. Roberto said that there is no one living there any more and that it was other Tolepan Indians that burned down their part of the village. Roberto is now working to see where he can get them to live, since they can not live there anymore. I hope Roberto will be able to find them all a home. Please pray for the village that they will come to know Jesus, like Delmer, Azucena and their chief. And also for the other Indians who are trying to harm them. May they be saved as well and praise His name.

Please pray for the US elections on Tuesday! This is crucial.
May whatever happens be God's will. Praise God that even in the worst we have nothing to worry for it is all in His hands.
I was thinking about how awesome that is today. We truly have no reason to worry when we are in Him! I still can't seem to "wrap my head arround it". (such a weird saying : )

Well that's my update.
Be back soon.


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