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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ready to talk continued

Back to tell you about the rest of the past week... : )

Oh wow! I just realized that I left out half of what we did Sunday the 12th.
Well I'll try and make it quick because I have a lot more to go.
Sunday afternoon, after some awesome, much needed worship and devotions with the group, (We worshiped in English! I really needed that. God reassured me that He will take care of me no matter what country I'm in.), we left for the mountains. We went to Agua Fria and then to San Marcos. We missed mos of the church service in San Marcos, because we stayed a little too late in Agua Fria. We had a good time in Agua Fria. Dispite being eaten alive by bugs, I got to help tech the kids again (including cracking a few eggs on the side of the building and them spilling all over the ground- that part didn't go so well). We also did a few other activities like coloring books and Salvation bracelets. Lucia got to do her hair beads.

Lucia and Cal helping some of the kids in Agua Fria.
(Lucia was very brave to be sitting on the ground : )

This is the house that we went to church at in Agua Fria.
The service was outside. We taught the kids outside around the back of the house.

This is some of the group packing in the car again to head to church.
Cal is on the left, Janet is in the middle, and then Ben and Debbie on the right.

This is me and Fransi Yulissa at the new church they are building in Agua Fria.
We stopped to take a look before church.

Monday was our get ready day. We organized all the stuff and made hygene bags for the brigades. It rained just about all day. We got to go out to eat at Campamento. mmmmmhhh

Tuesday morning we headed on our first brigade to Los Jobos, a near by village. We set up "shop" at the church there.The people came and were seen by Marari our volunteer nurse and given their parasite and floride treatment by Arlene, before being sent in to see Doctor Estrada (who also volteered form the hospitlal). They then were sent outside to our "make shift" pharmacy (with Vanessa-one of the translaters and Gayle) and then to the gifting window. I helped Janet and Holly give out all the wonderful goodies the group brought at the gifting window. We met all kinds of people at our little window. Some "multiple visitors", lots of kids, and some really sweet people, (including an adorable 82 year old woman - who I have a picture of below and a 67 year old man). Larry, had a prayer station set up for all the patients who came through to see the doctor. I got to help him translate that for a short time. I wasn't doing so well, but he did an awesome job.

These are some off the people waiting out
side the church at Los Jobos.

These are some of the kids that came to visit us at our window.
(All still in their school uniforms from being let out of school)

This is Janet, me ,and Holly at our "gifting station"-
slaving away. haha ;) (We had a lot of fun giving out things)

You can sort of see what the set up looked like here.
Those were some of our gifting supplies in the suitcases.
This was during our lunch break.

This was a very sweet 82 year old woman that I met.
(I found her especially cute. By the way that sweater makes her look big than she is- she's really actually very tiny : )

Did I mention that on the way up Sandy brought Bird?
(Yes her name is Bird- Sandy named her.
Thatt was a lot of fun.

Wednesday morning we headed out to San Quin for our second brigade. This village was also close by. We couldn't get too far because of the rain on the mountain roads. We set everything in a nice "flow" this time, thanks to Janet's organizing skills. The people would come in get a number see the nurse then the doctor, pharmacy, "gifting zone", prayer stop, and then they were free to leave. This time we were a little short on translaters, so I helped Larry translate with the prayer station. We met all kinds of people. One woman needed prayer for her husband to stop drinking and become a Christian. One elderly couple came to visit us during the day. The man was dieing from stomache cancer and his wife was curious about Christ. She prayed to accept Christ with me, (after I read some verses to her) although she said later she only did it because I suggested. I asked her if she would like to know more about Jesus and she said yes, so I sent her to Pastor Roberto- who was also praying for people, to explain to her more about Jesus. (Since Spanish is his first language he can do that a lot better than I can : ) Please pray for her. Another woman told me she reads the Bible and goes to church, but is not ready to accept Christ into her heart. (I have way too many stories, so pray for the village of San Quin, that they would come to know Christ and follow Him)
This day ended up being an awesome learning experience for me.

This is Pastor Roberto talking to a woman about Christ.
He had a prayer station set up rigtht next to me and Larry.

You could literally see the cows outside the door! I thought that was pretty cool. There were lots of chickens and horses right outside the door too.

Thursday we went to Valley of the Angels, which is about two hours away, to shop. They have a nice area there. We go every year. That morning as we were getting ready one of the workers named Kalla came and got me to tell me there was a woman ready to give birth right now. (The workers at the hospital have told me that I can come watch a woman give birth if I wanted to some time, because I have never seen it.) I was not expecting that at the momment and it took me a second to figure out what she was saying. I told all the other ladies what she said, because they had been talking about wanting to see a birth earlier in the week. So we all huried behind Kalla to the room where the woman was. Poor woman she had six "gringas" come in her delivery room right before she was going to give birth. (This is such a culture difference. In the States no woman would ever allow this many people in her delivery room, let alone one woman.) She was a very sweet and amazingly calm through it all. It was something I'll never forget. She had a beautiful baby girl. At first she wasn't crying or breathing so we were a little worried. Lucia and Debbie were great and got busy praying and didn't stop until thay heard the baby cry. It was a relief to know she was going to be ok. . .

Mom and baby

This is Janet on the left with the baby, Carlos- the nurse who helped with the delivery behind, and of course mom in the wheel chair. I sadly don't know her name.

So, after that we got ready and hurried to leave. Come to find out we didn't need to hurry, because the truck was getting it's tires aired up. Sandy, ofcourse, went ahead in the other car. This was so nice for us girls, who were left to go in the truck, (Joann- to drive, Gayle, Janet, Lucia, and me) because it gave us more time to get ready. (Yeah!) When we did get on the road we had a good time talking about "girl stuff". That was great for me, since I haven't had any girls to talk to the whole time I've been here, until they came. (Joann had been in the states.)
Down the road, maybe an hour, we stopped where we usually do when we go to "The Valley". It's a house that we call the one dollar house with the millionn dollar view. There was only a young boy and a baby home at the time. The group used this time to give away some of the things they brought in His name. The baby , in the picture below, only had cardboard lining his crib on top of springs, so the blankets they gave will really help. He was really cute. We ofcourse got some pictures of the "million dollar view" and were on our way. After we finished our shopping (which of course didn't end with out some last minute running from store to store for some last purchases) and eating -at an awesome restaurant, we started our journey back to the compound. We stopped at three more houses on the way back to give away more things, in the name of God. Two of them were across from each other. The people there were very sweet. The men seemed to appreciate the screw drivers and flash lights. They were two Christian families. We got to pray with them before we left. (Larry prayed). The group really felt like it was deffinitely where God wanted us to stop and that He planned it. There were several other places we could have stopped. The third house that we stopped at was a house with two young girls. We weren't really supposed to stop anymore, but we saw one house that was by itself and it seemed perfect. Just the truck Joann was driving stopped there. We were trying to be sneaky, but ofcourse Snady found out. We had a fun time on the radios after that. : ) (The drivers always have walkie talkies to comunicate with eachother during the trip- This time it was Sandy and Joann- almost always is)
. This is on the way up to Valley of the Angels. A town called Talanga (I got the name of that wrong before).

This the first house we stopped at on the way to Valley of the Angels.
It has been nicknamed "The One Dollar House With The Million Dollar View".

This is the little baby boy who was inside the house.
His brother said he just turned one.

This is the one of the houses at the second stop we made coming home.

This is the other house at the second stop, right across the street from the other one.

This is Gayle and Denis giving away a few things.

This is the house at the third stop we made coming home.
(This was the sort of sneaky one that Sandy found out about anyway : )

Friday we headed to Tegucigalpa in the morning to bring the group to the airport. (They were already leaving and it felt like they had just arrived) We stopped at one last house, to give away a few more things in His name. We prayed with them afterwards. I was sort of suprised into praying in Spanish- for probabaly the second time I have ever prayed in Spanish in my life. I was a little worried about what to say, but The Holy Spirit really helped me out. It was such an awesome feeling. We were sort of in a hurry so we didn't get to stay long, but it was a really cool experience. . . It was sad to see the group go at the airport, but I'm confident I will see them again.

By the way, just a little fact- after I got sick on Friday, 2 other people got sick on Monday. After that it seemed like everyone was to getting sick left and right. In total I beleive 9 people got sick. (Including me and Sandy and Joann) I am soo glad the hospital is so close by. Joann says that's the most she has ever seen get sick in a group in all the years they have been here. It was crazy. -not a very nice experience, but uniting in a way. : )

This is the last house we stopped at. We stopped here on the way to Tegucigalpa on Friday. There was a sweet older woman that you can see and a younger girl with a little boy.

This is everyone in the group that came. They left last Friday.
Janet is on the left, then Debbie, Arlene, Larry behind, Ben is in the middle, you can barely see Gayle peeking from behind him, then Denis, Cal behind him, then Holly on the far right, and Lucia behind her.
(I had such a great week with them !)

This is the bug that visited me in the bathroom when I came to wash my hands the other day.

You may not be able to tell in this picture, but it's body is as big as the palm of my hand! Scared me so bad!
(Just thought I should share)

This is my update of the week when the group was here. I finally finished it. Now I'm going to go eat some dinner. : )
I'll be back soon. Dios le bendiga. (God bless you)

In His Love,



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