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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back and ready to talk : )

It's been ten days and a lot has been going on.
I've been trying to remember back to the 8th to see what I did.
Ohhh..... right how could I forget that. (You can tell I'm actually writing what I think. . . Janet don't say a thing. :)
I just remembered why I didn't take pictures of those few days after the 7th.

On Wednesday night this Indian woman and her baby came in to the hospital with her husband and father, (the chief) and another man. They were brought by pastor Roberto, from the mountains. (3 hours away) Roberto just happened to go check on them that day. Her husband needed medical attention badly. He had been machetied and had several deep wounds. He had been in that condition for 3 days already. They had to send him to Tegucigalpa, because they can't do surgery here. Leo and Neptali brought them there. Her name is Asussena by the way. The baby doesn't have a name. (She couldn't go with, because apparently children aren't allowed into the hospital in Teguc.), so Assusena and her 6 month old baby have been here ever since. We are not sure how things are going with her husband. I heard he needed surgery and had anemia. Pastor Roberto has been able to make a trip to Tegucigalpa to give blood to her husband.

Because Roberto gave blood, the husband and chief now accept him as family. The husband said basically "Your blood is in me you are family". This is a huge answer to prayer. Now Roberto is accepted and can begin to minister to this tribe, the Topelan Indians, in a much closer way. He is planning to walk 3 hours and stay with them 3 days a month.
We aren't exactly sure what they believe. They may believe in gods of their wood and sun god and so on. I do know they seem resistant to Jesus right now. I have read scriptures to Asussena and talked to her about Jesus, but she seems to just say yes and not listen. She told me she had already excepted Christ and her husband too when I asked. Later she said her tribe doesn't believe in that. Please Pray for their eyes to be opened and that they would understand the message of Christ.

I was nice and sick on Friday the 10th.
So, I had my first IV on Friday and layed in bed with that for 9 hours.
I was so scared to get it, but it was sooo worth it.

The group arrived around 7:00 pm that night. I made a great impression. haha
Four of the people I have met before on my first trip down here. So it was nice to see them again. I also got to watch some t.v. for the first time in a while, thanks to Lucia. : )

Saturday they settled in and I recovered. Some even got to work building some needed truces. Others got to organizing all the wonderful things they brought in the guys dorm. Sandy's words to describe it was a "Biiig mess" : ) They really wore them selves out.

Sunday we had church and it was packed. It was such a great time, especially the worship.
Most of us (and by us I mean the Gringos) left to go teach the kids. I was the only one who can speak Spanish so I had the job of teaching.
That was just one of the ways God pushed me out of my comfort zone this week. He gave me the confidence to do it, and we had fun I got to crack some eggs for part of the lesson and we got to make a bottle of Pepsi explode.The younger ones got to watch Veggie Tales and color in cool coloring books that the group brought with them. Assusena did come to church after some convincing, but later left when the baby got fussy. She has come a long way this week. I heard that a woman accepted Christ during the church service while we were with the kids. AWESOME! He is working mightly (not sure how you spell that :) here.

On Sunday I also had the opportunity to see Fransisca and her two grandchildren(For those of you who know the story,Sandra's children)That was a definite blessing She and the kids traveled 6 hours from San Pedro Sula to come visit. They are very dear to me. I got to spend time with her most of the day. Oscar is the oldest, he's 12. Fransi Yullisa is the youngest, she is 10. They look like the same age by their height. : )

Well it's getting late. I got to go. I'll be back to tell about the rest of the week. : )
By the one of those nice bugs visited me today in the bathroom this morning. Scared me. I swear this one is big enough to be in a horror movie. haha I'll post a pic of that too.
Talk more tomorrow hopefully.

In His Love,



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