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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Asussena's husband is back!

Azucena's husband, dad-chief, and friend came back from Tegucigalpa Wednesday night.

Azucena's husband, dad-chief, and friend came back from Tegucigalpa Wednesday night.
Her husband ended up needing two surgeries on his wrist. I saw his wrist on Thursday, unwrapped. It looked pretty bad, but it definitely looks better than it was. He has lost parts of three of his fingers and has stitches all the way around his left wrist. (even doubled up in some parts) I didn't see his other wounds, his wrist was enough for me. - I don't know if I've mentioned, but I'm just a little queasy. : )
By the way Azucena seems so much happier now that her husband is back. Even the baby seems more relaxed. It's so cute to see Azucena smiling so much. She would smile before, but not as much as now.
The chief and other friend,who came along, left yesterday. Pastor Roberto took them back, so they could of Azucena's other 3 girls. (I didn't get a picture of them : ( I found out Azucena's husband's name, finally. His name is Delmer Martinez. I got a chance to talk to him and Azucena for a little while the other day. He said he only has a little pain in his wrist now. That is so good!
Also I have some awesome news! Delmer said he has accepted Christ! Roberto told me that he had said that to him! Also, while we - (two other workers from the hospital and I ) were in the hospital room talking to Azucena and Delmer, he explained how grateful he is that he has his Lord and that he is taking care of him.
He is very grateful to be sitting up on a bench. He used to be in a hospital bed almost all of the time.
Roberto also told me yesterday that the chief has accepted Christ as well. I'm beginning to think when Azucena told me that she and her husband had already accepted Christ that it may not have been a lie, like I first thought. That is great! Maybe she just needs a better understanding. it is so important for them to understand. Their village in the mountains is getting more and more dangerous for them. Right now they have no house to go back to because it has been burned down. All that they own is now with them. Please pray for them.

Sunday : We had a great service yesterday at church. Sunday Azucena and Delmer came to church this Sunday. They sat up front. It seems like they were listening. I hope they understood. Pastor Napoleon Nieto taught yesterday's message. It was very good. Some of the verses were.... Right at the end of the service a man came and gave his testimony. He and the man with him were kidnapped just about a week ago on their way to the states. they were run off the road by a truck of men with guns. (there was also a motorcycle in front of him and a car behind him as well- to keep him from leaving)
He was robbed of everything he and his friend had. The men beat him in the head with their pistols and they were tied up. His captors intended to kill them. He prayed for something to happen to the men so he could be free- like heart problems or something. Soon after they crashed and were made to walk 3 hours out in the middle of no where with no water to drink. (It was 102 degrees outside that day.) One of the men started having heart trouble. .Gerardo, the man that came to talk at the church, gave the him medicine for his heart trouble and the man ended up wiping repellent on Gerardo's face. (There were bugs and ants crawling all over his face and body.) The men ended up leaving Gerardo and his friend tied up in the "dessert". One of them was not completely tied, so they were able to escape. It was definitely a miracle that he escaped without being killed. God was watching out for him. His captors knew he was a Christian and asked him questions about his faith. Maybe a seed was planted in their hearts that they may get curious and come to Christ. Please pray for that and that Gerardo will be safe and protected and that God may be glorified by his life.

Not such a good picture of me, but you can see him. : )

This is Pam, World Baptist Mission's answer to prayer.

We went out to eat Sunday afternoon and met a group from Georgia, and a few from other states, who had been volunteering at the orphanage. (They came to eat at the same time we were there). Well let me explain what the problem was... A really nice group, or person (I'm not quite sure), donated an ultra sound machine ( Sorry I can't remember the official name). Which was so awesome, but no one, that WBM could find, knew anyone who knew how to use it. So it has been sitting in a room, waiting for... a long time. And then we come to find out, here in the same restaurant, (sitting basically right next to us) is a woman who not only knows how to use the machine, but works with ultra sound machines for a living!
She lives in Georgia and her name is Pam. She has a serving heart and is very sweet. She would be leaving the next day, Monday, to go back to the states, but she still agreed to give up her time that she was supposed to be using to pack. She was, as a said, a Huge answer to prayer. It was nice meeting her. I hope to see her again some day.

I did want to say a few things about the Sunday service last week, before I forget.
It was a really good message. (Pastor Domingo taught as usual) Azucena came with me, and this time it didn't take nearly as long to convince her to come. She sat right next to me with the baby, and since I promised her the back row that's where we sat. Also three woman accepted Christ towards the end of the service. Coincidently they were all named Maria! I thought that was a little funny. It is so awesome that they accepted Christ. I know that I saw one of the three in church this Sunday. I'm not sure if the others came or not I didn't see them. Pray that they may continue in their new walk with Christ. (I know I'm always asking for prayer for things. : )

By the way, Bonny, here is a picture of Oscar.
There will be more to come. : )

He was playing soccer this day. I think I told you, but he has a thing about soccer. He would play it all day if he could.
The other boys wanted to be in the picture too.

Monday I did some jobs that needed to be done for Joann. (I'll try and post a picture of Joann soon. I keep forgetting I haven't posted a picture of her yet.) I just liked feeling useful and helpful.

Tuesday: Today has been great as well. I just got back from La Cascada restaurant. Today is Day of the doctors here in Honduras and we went to celebrate. Two doctors that left to study in Tegucigalpa recently, came also to have a reunion with us. It was an awesome time of Fellowship. It has been a blessing getting to know the people who live and work here, in the "compound" and out.

We will be going to Choluteca soon in the coming week or so. I'm looking forward to that. Choluteca is farther South. (A lot farther South) We will be going there to visit and for Sandy and Joann to visit a friend. It will be nice to see another part of this country I have come to like so much. Also I believe in 2 weeks a dentist and his wife will be coming down. They are from Georgia. I think they will be here for 2 weeks. So that will be nice.

I have one last prayer request. Carolina, nurse who works here in the hospital, has a brother in the hospital right now. He is in grave condition. I got a little news today that he is doing a little better,but it sounds like it's still not so good. (She is the one who has the three girls I was always playing with. She has had 3 other brothers die, I believe last year, so this is really hard for her.)
Please pray for him to get better and that if he doesn't know Jesus that he will. : )- Thanks for putting up with me.

Be back soon.


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